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A faithful reader offers suggstions

Dear Editor,
Thanks for the wonderful article, "Faith Sharing Programs: Blossoming into Small Communities of Faith" by Tammy Brecht Dunbar (ML 25:7). The article lists great resources such as Quest, Buena Vista's Essential Series, Renew 2000, Come As You Are (from National Alliance), etc.
However, the article did not include Buena Vista's website in the list of websites for faith sharing (www.buenavista.org). I also would have liked to have seen the article deal with greater interaction between liturgists and small Christian community leaders. ML does a lot to help make a connection between local and national liturgists and the local and national catechumenate people. Could ML also help make connections between small Christian community groups and liturgists?
You also do a good job with the Bulletin Inserts. Father Paul Turner does a great job in providing liturgical insights packaged to go directly into a parish bulletin. Is there any magazine or website that offers such monthly catechesis about small Christian community life for parishes?
Congratulations to all those who do so much -- like ML -- to help us in the parish as we try to carry out the 1,001 pastoral needs of our people.
Fr. Chuck Tobin
Maryville, Mo.

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