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Bring the Word to Life with this New Book

SAN JOSE, Calif., January 4, 2010—Resource Publications announces the publication of The Ministry of the Lector by Caroline Thomas. The proclamation of the Scriptures at liturgy is foundational to our celebration. Or it should be. This book tells how to make this a reality.

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Caroline M. Thomas
Paper, $6.95
64 pages, 5½" × 8½"
ISBN 0-89390-689-1 

How do we bring the word of God to life for our assembly at Mass? 
What makes the readings speak to each one personally? 

This book gives suggestions on how to prepare and gives examples of actual techniques. The book establishes the ministry of lector in relationship to the assembly and develops the concept of proclaiming as a faith witness. Although the title references the ministry of lector, the principles and techniques will be helpful to deacons, presiders, catechists, and all who proclaim God's word.

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20 - 49 copies  $4.75 each
50 - 99 copies $4.50 each
100 - 499 copies $4.25 each
500 copies or more  $4.17 each

About the Author
Caroline Thomas has been involved in liturgy planning since the early 1970's, leading to an MA degree from the University of Santa Clara in 1992. She has worked in parishes as the director of liturgy for over 14 years, and continues to be passionate about the potential of the liturgy to transform its participants.

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