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Give your altar servers a book written just for them!

SAN JOSE, Calif., February 29, 2012—Resource Publications announces the availability of a new book to assist altar servers in understanding and preparing for their ministry.

Caroline M. Thomas
Paper, $6.95
48 pages, 5½" x 8½"
ISBN 0-89390-712-X

Here is a tool to assist in training altar servers for their ministry. The primary purpose of this book is to give the servers an understanding of what ministry is, what liturgy is, and what their role in it is. It gives them tips on how to increase the prayerfulness of the liturgy by the way they move and sit. It explains the concept of ministry and lists what is expected of those who participate in this ministry. It relates the ministry of the server to that of the rest of the ministers, including the members of the assembly. The book presents an overview of the liturgical year as well as brief explanations of the various parts of the Mass, followed by a description of the servers’ role in each part. This is done in general terms, since each parish will have its own specific procedures. There is a brief look at what to expect if serving at special occasions such as baptisms, weddings, funerals, and the Triduum liturgies. One chapter gives an illustrated glossary of the vessels, books, vestments, and other church furnishings. The final chapter offers  a sample list of possible items to be included in a commitment form.

Caroline Thomas has been involved in liturgy planning since the early 1970's. This led to an MA degree in Pastoral Liturgy from the University of Santa Clara in 1992. She has worked in parishes as the director of liturgy for over 14 years, and continues to be passionate about the potential of the liturgy to transform its participants.

To order The Ministry of the Altar Server or view samples, visit  http://www.rpinet.com/products/mas.html.