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Form Extraordinary Ministers

SAN JOSE, Calif., December 13, 2011—Resource Publications announces: Forming Extraordinary Ministers, a ready-to-use set of three sessions for forming the extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. This is in PDF format and can be downloaded immediately.

For Holy Communion

Caroline M. Thomas
PDF, $14.95
26 pages, 8½" x 11"
ISBN 978-0-89390-720-4

Forming Extraordinary Ministers consists of three sessions for training extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. The purpose of the sessions is to give the ministers a background in eucharistic theology and ecclesiology, to give them an understanding of their ministry, and to help prepare them for it. Sessions include the catechist’s background, opening and closing prayers, discussion questions, faith reflection, and action. The material is general, to be applicable in any parish. Procedures specific to each individual parish would be added on by the catechist.

The third session is specific to training for those who are going to visit the sick or homebound. It involves participation by current ministers to the homebound for demonstration skits, which they can provide based on their experiences.

The sessions are available in an electronic (PDF) format, ready for immediate download.

About the Author

Caroline Thomas has been involved in liturgy planning since the early 1970's, leading to an MA degree from the University of Santa Clara in 1992. She has worked in parishes as the director of liturgy for over 14 years, and continues to be passionate about the potential of the liturgy to transform its participants.

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