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New Workbook will Accompany Catechumens

SAN JOSE, Calif., November 1, 2011—Resource Publications announces the availability of a new book to accompany the catechumens on their faith journey. Based solidly in Scripture, Companion on the Journey is an introduction to the Catholic faith presented in a workbook format. It systematically explores Catholic teaching and gives the participants the opportunity to discuss the concepts and to record their thoughts.

Joseph A. Slattery
Paper, $10.95
64 pages, 8½" × 11"
ISBN 0-89390-708-1

Liturgy plays an important role in any RCIA program, but church documents also require that people coming into the church be exposed to a systematic presentation of Catholic teachings. Companion on the Journey does this while staying close to the scriptural sources of faith and church teaching. It introduces people to the Catholic tradition in an easy to understand format that respects the need of adult learners to reflect on the material presented and respond, each in his/her own way. It integrates Scripture, church teachings, and the experience of daily living with a focus on personal growth.

About the Author
Rev. Joseph A. Slattery received his Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Catholic University, Washington, DC in 1980. He has served in various pastoral assignments in the Richmond Diocese and also taught Scripture and pastoral theology in the National Seminary in Pretoria, South Africa for a number of years. Since 2005 he has served as pastor of the Church of the Holy Family in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

This latest work by Father Slattery is a true vade mecum—a trustworthy “companion” for a wide variety of sojourners who would know more about Catholicism. A systematic guide, it presents a comprehensive overview of the Church's teachings and practices. Intended primarily for use by groups preparing for the Rite of Christian Initiation, its down-to-earth points for discussion and reflection can also help individuals who want to understand better the biblical underpinnings of the Catholic faith.—Berard L. Marthaler, OFMConv., The Catholic University of America

I found it helpful in the topics offered, very well developed in thought and theology and still able to be offered to a beginner, such as an adult catechumen or an adult returning to the faith.— Blessie LaScola, Author of Deepening the Mystery: A Guided Journal through Mystagogia, San Jose, California

This is the kind of book that could be very helpful to Christian Initiation catechists because it is so comprehensive without being burdensome.—Nancy K. Dunkerley, D. Min., Founding Director of Spiritual Ministries Institute, Inc.

Companion on the Journey is the book I have been looking for—it is a most valuable resource for RCIA groups. The book provides “a thoroughly comprehensive catechesis on the truth of Catholic doctrine and moral life.”—Margrit Anna Banta M.R.E., RCIA Director, Church of the Holy Family, Virginia Beach, Virginia.